that's gnomoon, that's a space station



1) [Elemental Spirit]

2) [Stone skin, diamond soul]

3) [I no longer wish to be alone.]

4) [Let the world crash upon us; through time and tide and all things between, we will endure.]

5) [Under our blows the earth shall quake, and the mountains crack and shatter.]

6) [Though it be the ending of me, I shall keep you safe.]

1 mana: Breath of the Earth – add 1 to all physical stats for the duration of the scene.
2 mana: Strength of the Earth – add 2 to one physical stat for one roll.
3 mana: Heart of the Earth – Fully ignore the next attack that would do physical damage (i.e. stress).
4 mana: Embrace of the Earth – SUU PAH ROBO for the duration of the scene. (add 2 to physical stats, limited environmental invulnerability, can use endurance to defend against physical attacks)


A tiny elemental who lives in a mine. Her mine is not hers now which would be funny if she was saying it because you wouldn’t know which mine is mine and which mine is hers. Dislikes giant spiders who steal other people’s mines, also injustice.


A Monstrous Affair GeeEm