Eulia Vang

Master Elementalist


Name: Eulia Vang

High Concept: Self Proclaimed Master Elementalist: Eulia holds power of the element of lightning and has themed her entire image after it. Currently there are no known elementals that hold power like this and Eulia is content with being the only person she knows of to use it. She has set out to travel the world and show people the power of her element and leave them all in awe, her final destination being the Monster Lord herself. Perhaps she will be so impressed that she’ll create a new race of lighting elementals! Then Eulia could drain their power for herself I mean share in the joy of zapping shit.

Trouble: Exactly!: Eulia’s ego stretches across the entire universe, any sort of praise of positivity thrown in her direction is a direct gateway to her heart and she will be easily swayed into helping out someone with any sort of request they have. Being ignored will usually result in her having a panic attack and doing something drastic to get attention back on her.

Class In Session: Eulia is your teacher and also the teacher of everyone else you know in the entire world, her lessons can come at any moment and so can her chalkboard. Homework is not rare and a pop quiz can be lurking around any corner. It may be overwhelming but the lessons can be helpful!
Crossing Path: Memer

Crossing Path: Memer

Skill List:
+3: Mysteries, Academics
+2: Art, Rapport , Contacts
+1: Investigation, Alertness, Resources, Deceit

Master Magician. Choose a field of specialization [Elemental Magic]. You get a +2 to all Mysteries rolls relating to that field of specialization.

Tutor. +2 to create advantage on an ally with Academics when you lecture them about a topic.

Storm Caller. Once per scene you can spend a fate point to make a special Mysteries roll representing a spark of magical energy. For each shift you make on this roll you create an aspect related to your field of specialization, on either the scene or the target of your observations, though you may only invoke one of them for free.

Well-Travelled. You may use Academics instead of Rapport when you have visited the homeland or home state of the person you are speaking to

Arcane Expert. Gain a +2 bonus to create an advantage using Mysteries, whenever the situation has specifically to do with the supernatural or occult.

Physical: [ ] [ ]
Mental: [ ] [ ]

Mild (1-2 shifts):
Moderate (1-4 shifts):
Severe (1-6 shifts):
Extreme (1-8 shifts):

Extras (Items, hold-over aspects, etc):
Exam Papers
Book Copies


Eulia Vang

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