Identity-stealing martial trickster.


Name: Erisu Koruto

High Concept: Trickster Martial Artist Needs Identity Badly
Despite using a persona to cover up how he’s actually like, once he dropped the overly arrogant monkeyman act, Ellis felt incredibly naked. Due to this, he’s far more cunning and snarky than he used to be, less prone to stupid decision-making… but is also that much more insecure and prone to embarrassment.

Trouble: Pride Above All
If there’s one thing that never changed between the old Ellis and the ‘real’ Ellis, is that his pride eclipses the sun. This is probably related to how humiliated he felt during his master’s training, and choosing to never feel that way again (possibly unintended, we don’t know, his master’s an insane man).

Personal Aspect: That Mystery Woman From The Mist
Ever since Ellis’ master went away, there’s been a recurring dream every few nights. A womanly figure, shrouded in mist, approaching… suddenly stopping, and taking up a stance unknown to Ellis, prompting him to wake up in a cold sweat for reasons unknown to him. He /has/ to find this woman.

Crossing Paths: My Master, The King of Pranks
Raising him since he was 12, Ellis’ master is a fairly aged man who taught him everything the martial artist knows. This includes giving him the ability and training to perform Buury-ken, as well as many years of psychological training that was also psychological torture. Ellis was taught the true path of being a man: trickery.

Skill List:
+3: Fists, Endurance
+2: Athletics, Alertness, Deceit, Rapport
+1: Resolve, Intimidation, Investigation, Contacting

Refresh: 1 – Fate Points: 1

Physical: [][][][]
2- Mild:
4- Moderate:
6- Severe:
Mental: [][][]
2- Mild:
4- Moderate:
6- Severe:

- “The fist of menace, Buury-Ken!” – Ellis’ signature fighting stance, Buury-Ken is a martial arts style that seeks to demoralize the opponent, rather than cause any lasting physical harm. It’s surprisingly effective, and allows Ellis to strike against a target’s Composure using his Fists (defend as is normal for physical attacks).

- “Fierce, like a lion. Strong, also like a lion.” – The body of someone trained in Buury-Ken is not physically strong, but it IS very resilient. Whenever resisting against attempts to overpower or restrain him, Ellis can use his Endurance as Might.

- Mach Speed! – One of Ellis’ biggest advantages is his superior speed, presumably from all the times he had to run away from the girls back home trying to smooch him. When in a terrain advantageous to his speed, Ellis gets a +2 to Athletics.

- Fraudulent Words – Shedding his image of an immature, arrogant berserker, Ellis embraces his true self, something which can be gauged from his words. He gets a +2 to Deceit rolls involving mischief and misdirection.

- “Light-weight? Think again!” – Discovering the drank has definitely helped Ellis’ constitution. When he takes physical stress, he can check off two stress boxes with a total value equal to or greater than the shift value of the hit.

- Pain is the best incentive to finish things! – Fortunately Ellis can’t die (or so he says). He can still get killed though. This leads him to try and finish fights faster whenever he’s in a pinchi. He gets a +1 to attacks using Fists for every consequence he has.

- [Secret Stunt] – It’s a secret you doofus. If we’re judging stunts by how likely they are to come up, then Ellis is taking this stunt to the grave.


Extras (Items, hold-over aspects, etc)
> The clothes off his back
> Pocket change
> Underwear for tomorrow

Deathblow, Braggadocio Strike (One-Inch Punch)
Deathblow, Yes-Man-Kablam (Smokin’ Sick Style Punch)
Deathblow, Vainglory Slam (Drunken Fist Roundhouse)
Rising Ryu-sama Kick (Dragon Kick your ass into the Milky Way~)
Crushing Ryu-sama Kick (Like above, but in the opposite trajectory)
Rocket Kick (Grabbing someone’s wrists, then kicking them in the face)
Rocket Peace (Grabbing someone’s nostrils, then poking their eyes)
Fly, Flail and Slaughter (Supposed name for ‘a brĂ¼tal beatdown’)


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