A (arguably) great performer roped into a quest he never signed up for. -Hates- being called a clown.


Name: Venn Kalevra


Backstory: Venn belonged to a relatively unknown but very skilled troupe under his family growing up. Learning from the best, he eventually grew tired of being unknown and unappreciated and set out to make both himself and his family name widely known around the world. Apparently has terrible long distance vision, but hasn’t realized it yet.

High Concept: Travelling performer looking to become famous

Trouble: Petty and Very Stubborn

Personal Aspect: Always ready to entertain

Crossing Paths:

Crossing Paths:

Refresh: 1 – Fate Points: 0

Skill List:
+3: Athletics
+3: Contacts
+2: Stealth
+2: Might
+2: Daggers/Short Swords
+1: Alertness
+1: Academics
+1: Empathy
+1: Resolve
+1: Crafts

- Here one second, gone the next – Venn has some of the quickest hands in the business, and once per session is able to make an item or person disappear from a scene without a roll. What was disappeared can reappear in the scene at any time (at Venn’s discretion if an item or the person’s discretion if a person).

- You don’t say… – Having performed in front of countless people, Venn has talked about and overheard quite the amount of information in his time. Can roll Contacts in place of Academics if the knowledge would be something either known among the general public or through rumors.

- This ain’t my first rodeo – Venn’s traveled a fair amount and has experienced quite a bit. Having captured the hearts of many of his viewers (or so he says) he’s heard it all, and can roll resolve at a +2 when someone is trying to charm him.

- The element of surprise – Over their travels, Venn has come to learn he’s pretty good at hiding himself until the right moment presents itself. After a successful stealth roll, and while undetected, Venn gets a +2 to his next action.

Physical: [][]
Mental: [][][]
2: Headache
4: Migraine
6: Cluster Headache

Extras (Items, hold-over aspects, etc):
Worn out coin (family heirloom)
Flask of anti-light oil
Satchel of various performance tools



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