Hero Grade 3; also qualified to be a clueless JRPG protagonist.


Name: Rowen Mathis


High Concept: Rookie hero searching to prove himself

Trouble: I will save everyone!

Personal Aspect: Let’s make this showy!

Crossing Paths: Big stupid idiot nerd – Helped out a stupid nerd wizard by gathering some things he could have just gone to the shops and got.

Crossing Paths: Gay Clown – Watched one of his performances and thought it could use more flips.

  • Skill List:
    +3: Weapons
    +3: Rapport
    +2: Mysteries
    +2: Leadership
    +2: Academics
    +1: Alertness
    +1: Athletics
    +1: Might
    +1: Survival
    +1: Resolve*

- Searching…and protecting~! – Rowen gets easily carried away and can get a little extreme with his introductions and speeches. As such he gets a +2 to rapport when his actions are overdramatic.

- Bravery – A hero like Rowen has to protect everyone even if it means getting hurt himself! When someone is attacked physically while within your zone, you can spend a fate point to redirect that attack to yourself. You may defend against that attack at +1.

- Absolutely Unforgivable! – An angry Rowen is not something to be messed with and this fact is clearly reflected by how he fights. As a trained fighter, you are able to adopt a stance that makes it unequivocally clear how capable you are of handing someone his ass. Whenever displaying your fighting stance or threatening someone with violence, you may roll Fight instead of Provoke to scare them.

- Double Action – There’s strength in numbers, especially when you’re both very handsome individuals. Whenever standing with someone who also has this stunt, you gain +1 to all Rapport actions.

Physical: [] [] []
Mental: [ ] [ ]

FP: 1
(Add one box for every 2 physique or will for physical and mental stress, respectively)

Mild (1-2 shifts):
Moderate (1-4 shifts):
Severe (1-6 shifts):
Extreme (1-8 shifts):

Extras (Items, hold-over aspects, etc):
Sword, Armour, Book of neat speeches.

Backstory: Most potential heroes have a role model they look up too that motivates them to join the academy and Rowen is no exception! From a young age he has always looked up to his big sister who rushed through to hero graduation in a blink of an eye and set out on her own adventures, her absence may have left Rowen unsure of what she looked like but he still knows that she surely had a strong sense of justice. The majority of his ideals and beliefs seem to have been borrowed from the idea of what he thinks his sister was like

His liking of the hero Wilmarina stems from the fact that he spent most of his time in the hero academy reading purely about the cool side of the job and pretty much nothing on the academic side of things got through, he has a strange fondness for cute things too. His love for cool things also stems from his freindship with a Minotaur who lived near the town in a place only he knew about, the monster had a surprising amount of restraint on the lewd side of things and actually just taught the boy a few things about defending themselves while he threw praise at her, eventually she just vanished without a trace! Oh no!


- Has some strong opinions about the order and the chief god now that he has seen the world outside of hero school

- Is probably going to hell 20 times over.


A Monstrous Affair Downystram