Wizard who is probably not going to make it to 30.


Name: Konrad

High Concept: Prospective wizard looking to gain mastery of magic and become the ultimate arch-mage.

Trouble: Always hungry for more power

Personal Aspect: Shameless copycat

Crossing Paths: Hero-brand meat shield – Hired a hero to protect him and trigger any traps while investigating an old tower.

Skill List:

+3: Academics
+3: Investigation
+2: Burglary
+2: Science
+2: Resolve
+2: Alertness
+1: Survival
+1: Resources
+1: Athletics
+1: Deceit

- Tome of power: Konrad calls upon the powers of the arcane via a book filled with various spells he’s learned. He wrote it himself, but it is in fact more akin to a glorified diary than a real spellbook. When using magic, he uses academics in place of mysteries for magic at a +1.

- The smell of magic; it hangs in the air like a sweet chocolate: Years of “studying” and “investigating” ruins and lords libraries have given Konrad a keen sense for things magical. Gets +2 when investigating an area/object with magical qualities

- I’m sorry miss but I don’t have a large chicken on me?!: Pure like the snow and the spring rose combined, Konrad is not exactly pro-actively looking for a spouse and is oblivious to most advances the opposite sex makes towards him, granting him a +2 resolve against such “attacks”

- Suspiciously heart-studded pink book-shaped gift from Eros: A spell book bestowed upon Konrad at an Eros temple by the goddess herself. The bizarre and lewd content of the book has given Konrad pause and has yet to seriously study up on the full potential of the book. Can cast spells that do mental damage instead of physical.

Physical: [ ] [ ]
Mental: [ ] [ ] [ ]
(Add one box for every 2 physique or will for physical and mental stress, respectively)

Mild (1-2 shifts):
Moderate (1-4 shifts):
Severe (1-6 shifts):
Extreme (1-8 shifts):

Extras (Items, hold-over aspects, etc):
- Tome of power, Apprentice Wizard Attire, Bag of materials, Eros book

Backstory: Enamoured both by magic since watching a travelling magician’s show as a child and story books of ancient arch-mages of legend while growing up, Konrad has made it his life’s pursuit to follow in their footsteps by not only seeking and recording all forms of magic, but to master them as well and become the greatest arch-mage to ever live. Through years of practice, studying, exploration of his home isle, a short-lived stint in an order school and various acts which the law would not look sympathetically on, he eventually mastered the fundamentals of spell-casting and creation. His dream has had the effect of limiting his social interaction and as a consequence not only are his views of right and wrong mostly clouded, he has also become an unfortunate victim to the old tales that losing your “purity” before the age of 30 would destroy his magical aptitude. Despite his eagerness to learn what he can from them, his encounters with monsters in the wild have all been brief and involved running, swimming or falling in the opposite direction.


A bumbling would-be arcane scholar from an pro-chief goddess Island.

He is now aware that the purity condition to reach Wizard-dom is a myth thanks to Sprika and is currently coming to terms with it.


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